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The sacred-spot “ Audumber” is Situated on the bank of “Painganga River” as on the
border of “Marathwada area. An ancient name Audumber is Famous as Umarkhed.  It
was renamed From Audumber to umbarkhed and earliest name is Umarkhed.
The famous inventor shree V.B. Kolate has studied. From the Stone-epistle which was
written in as Marathi calendar an era kartik-1550 in A.D. 1628.  At that period shree
Dajeebaji had built the Fort and cistern.  According to The worthy of being remembered
“shree swami Chinmayanand’ It has mentioned that’s in A.D. 1989 at Umarkhed there
are temples Viz (i) Shri Ram Temple 1, Shree Krishna 2, Shree, Vithal Temple 2, Shree
Shankar 4, Goddess Temples 5, Shree Hanuman Temple 5, Shree Ganesh Temple 3, A
temple from Jain-Religion, shree Ramdeo Baba Temple 1, Shree Balaji Temple 1, as well
as The Hindu’s an ascetic Self-immolation 8, The Muslim’s Darga 10, The Muslim’s
Mosque 4 and a Idgah, and the Christian’s Church 1.
The famous “ Mahanubhao Saint” Shree Chakradhar Swami Visited this area and it has
become holy by touching divine feet. Also he has Invented twelve path while going from
Umarkhed to mahore and that 12 path has been accustomed as “khand”.
In A.D. 1289 the stone-epistle has been found which was carved on the front door of
the mosque.  The biggest stone  well-built is known as almost limit of this town. The
math of the Chinmayanand is connected with “ Nath-tradition”. Shree Sadhu Maharaj
belongs to “warkari tradition”.  The sage shree Aainath Maharaj was devotee of “Anand-
Sampraday.  At the bottom of the Goddess Renuka’s temple there is temple of
“Lakkadbaba” who was known with concern of “Dashnam Gosavi tradition”. Dasbhat
shastri wrote “Charanvyah-Bhasha-Anuwad book” Shree Ganpat Shastri, Ramchandra
Shastri they well known famous at  pune on account of their’s Intelligance.  The Marathi
Magazine which published from Mumbai its editor and an author balshankar Deshpande
belongs to Umarkhed.
During the A.D. 1892 the poet vithal Kinkar has written the religious book” Gita-
Padanwai” On behalf of “Shree Mud Bhagvat Geeta”. In A.D. 18th the books are famous
“Anubhav-Ramayana and Bheem-parva” written by the Saint-poet shree Haridas-Kanha.
Shree Gunda Keshao who is the disciple of keshao-swami his self man-script is available
in the temple of “wagdeota” at Dhule and his slef immolation is at Vidul.  The first poet
one who was similarly in the period of saint “Shree Ekanath Maharaj” Shree Tanaji
Deshmukh his own native at Ambad, white he was going to Mahore, Stayed at
Umarkhed in A.D. 1629 written the poetic “Sasurwas” of 101 verses. Another Tulaja
Bhavani’s Ashtak with Amba-extolling.
At Umarkhed there was a Muslim ascetic Kaodasha Baba and he  was buried in the Farm
of Kolhe.
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