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Umarkhed - It is known as a famous Trade Center for cotton.

Umarkhed is most famous for its temples. The most famous tamples are Tin Deul (Three temple), Swami Chinmaynand Maharaj Math, Renuka Devi Mandir (situated atop one of the mountains on the way to Mahur), Mahadev Mandir, Saint Sadhu Maharaj Math, Saint Ainath Maharaj Temple (disciple of Saint Eknath Maharaj, Ram Mandir, Hanuman Mandir, Shree Krishna Dyaan Mandir spreading message of lord Shree Krishna through Bhagwat Dharma.

Umarkhed is a small town (Population: 35000) and a municipal council in Yavatmal district of Vidarbha region of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Umarkhed is a municipal town near the Painganga river.It is tahsil place. It is situated on 100KM from Yavatmal and 78 KM from Nanded.Umarkhed falls in Yavatmal district. It is surrounded by mountains and Ghats from three sides and a plane surface on one of its sides.umarkhed town has very good connectivity. During the monsoon one can experience real treasure of Nature. It lies on the Bittargaon-Savargaon road which forks off here, one arm running towards Hadgaon in Nanded district.

Town experiences both hotter summer and colder winter. The temperature rises till 48 degrees Celsius in Summer while in winter it experiences the temperature of 8 to 12 degrees Celsius.

There are many tourist places like Mahur situated near Umarkhed. There are 2 dams near Umarkhed PusDharan and IsapurDharan. There are many picnic spots nearby like Ambona Tank, Public Garden and many other spots.

City has best medical facilities, excellent schools and educational institutes. Many alumni are working all over the world. Gopikabai Sitaram Gawande College renovated the higher education and introduced not only computers and technology but also important sports in the city.

Mostly,Agriculture is the main source of income for the innocent people from this city. Farmers are now aware of the modern techniques of farming with more yields. Much of younger farmers have tried their hands at modern farming and succeeded. Some of the people managed to settle as a large and successful businessman. Umarkhed is a large market centre with a cotton ginning factories and the weekly market held on Wednesdays is largely attended.

Hardada is the one of the place to visit around Umarkhed. It has a Mahadev Temple in the beautiful lap of nature.
Taluka : Umarkhed
STD Code : 07231
Pin Code : 445206
Police Contact : 07231-237123
Tahsildar Contact : 07231-237217
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