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there is a celebration of his Day anniversary for 10 days. At. Present smt Arti sansthanik look after the temple.
iii) Shrees sadhu maharaj : on the beside of right hand there is a temple of sadhu maharaj . The chief hermit is at kandhar. The bigger innermost division of the hall and beautifull dome. Behind the hermid of shree sadhumaharaj there are idols of Shree Atri saint, shreeDatta, Sati ansuya in standing position. Sati anusya has four hands. There is the direction divice in the temple on the day of onam the sunrise. fall firstly on the idol of Shree Datta then its fall on the immolation of Shree Sadhu Maharaj. The grand-son of shree sadhu maharaj, shree rukhmanand happen to meet shree Navsaji Naik ,who was from hatkar community then become a followers. He built the temple. The traditional lists of this temple is shree sadhu maharaj, Rukhmanand, yashwant maharaj , Dhundiraj, Sitaram and at present Shree Eknath maharaj.
At. Umarkhed there are three temples in same area as they are:
i) Shree Mahadev Mandir
ii) Shree Aainath Maharaj Mandir and
iii) Shree Sadhu Maharaj Mandir.

i) Mahadeo Mandir : The inner hall is very small of this temple there is  “Shiv Pind” and behind its in one of the corner there is a fifth mouthed Shiv Pind

ii) Aainath Maharaj : The bigger inner hall and on the front door, there are some figures of shree garud, Hamuman, also in the court yard there is a rangoli in stone. Surrounding  there are the statue of the elephants. In the hall of the temple there is a tortoise carved in the stone. Shree Aainath maharaj originally from paithan. He had been on piligrimage in search of  priest. He went to Nepal from kashi,there he got the spiritual preceptors instructions and then he came to Umarkhed. For some times he lived in the vithal mandir then he took his self immolation. Shree Dajee Deshpande built its temple.Onwards. “Dashra Feshtival”
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