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Shree Uttamshlok Mandir : Shree uttamshlok belongs to the muni family In the period of A.D.1709-1786.. Shree uttamshlok was  Contemporary with shree moropant and Shreedhar : He wrote “prakrut saptashati”,  Dattajanmostav religious books.
          There are new Build-Up "Shree Sai Mandir" near S.T. stand. On every Thursday at Evening many devotees gathered and worship "Shree Sai". Also the donator distributs "Khichadi" as a prasad there fore people comes to worship there.
"Shree Sai Mandir" is the part of Narayan Patil Nagar. Shree.  Pawankumar K. Narwade, Nagnath Kanthale, Suraj S. Shinde is the trusty of this temple.The Idol of Shree Sai is very beautiful in the sitting position at the height of 4.50 ft.Daily at morning and evening the devotee gather and worship the God with Arti and Bhajan.
The temple of "Shree Ramdev Baba" has been renewal by the trusti of "Shree Maroti Mandir". In 1999, with the new Idol Shree Bharuka family and son Sau.Savita bai Sureshchandra Maheshwari had donated large amount. Behind the temple there is a "Panchewateshwar". Under the Bitter Neems there is "Shiv Pind" established in 1975. 
Hanuman Mandir : There is a biggest Idol of Sree Maroti in the middle part of the Umarkhed town. Beside that a three feet heighted with scarlet coated the Ganesh Idol. In front of this temple a lamp placed near the temple there are two temples i) Shree Ramdev baba mandir ii) Santoshi Mata mandir
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