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The Nagling Baswaling Hermit : This hermit temple is founded 100 years ago. This temple is under the instruction of Ujaini hermitage. This temple was renewal in 1996.
In the Part of Gujari there is a hermit under the kasha hermit.
Shree Ram Mandir : The oldest innermost division made of stone and the vertex is surrounded  with triangle shaped. The bow is corved on  Shree Ramas Idol, As well as a parrot. On his shoulder the snake is carved. on the right hand of sita having lotus. Late shree balasaheb Ekbote was the trusti....
Shree Uttareshwar Mandir : This was one of the oldest shiv mandir. In A.D 1960, Shree wamanraoji uttarwar has renewal and constructed this temple.
Mahadev Temple(Near Sakle School)  : The fonder of the sakale vidyalay school ,Shree Deshpande had been on the nearest hill with his students, there they found a Shiv pind they established the shiv pind and built up the temple.
Shri Krushna Mandir : On the pusad road there is a temple of “ shree krushna”, which belongs to mahanubhav culture, constructed in 1983.
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