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Shree Maroti Mandir, Juni Gujari : This Temple is as old as 125 years. And belong to shree Ade family. Shree sadashiv dinanath Ade has establish the idol of shree maroti  in the tin shed temple. The temple is in the west direction. At present Shree Mukund vishwambar Ade is the worshipper of this temple. The old construction has renewal in cement in 1998...
Jain mandir : There is a jain mandir in the part of juni Gujari.
Shree Khadkeshwar Mandir, Mahatma Gandi Ward :  There was only the Idol of shiv pind.In 1997 the temple was constructed in cement, also on the roof of the temple the motif of the snake are carved in cement. The worshipper is shree panchakshari maharaj.
20 years ago there is "Shree Gajanan Maharaj Mandir" situated in the part of Nath Nagar.
Priest of Shree Tukaram Maharaj Yehalegaon, The orthodox of the Chinmayand’s Math, Chinmayanand  Swami, Gochar swami, sacchidanand, Shivaramanand swami, Nityanand Swami, Ramanand Swami,  Wasudewanand Swami, purushottamanand Swami, Wamananand swami, and earliest shree Madhawanand swami,  There is a “Ban-Ling” in the hermit If you burn
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