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Near Shree Gapati mandir, choubhara chowk there is a temple of shree Balaji. There are four idols of shree ram sita, Laxman urmila, Shree chatarbhuj  Narayan Tiwari is the fonder of this temple.
On the hill of Umarkhed mahagaon road, in A.D. 1899 Shree Shivramanand has founded the Idol of goddess Renuka the steps of this tempale built up by Rameshwar Pardeshi Sutar in 1942. At the bottom of this temple there is a temple of Goddess Tulja Bhavani and Lakkadduji Maharaj. Shree Bhanegaonkar is the worshipper.
At. Umarkhed there are three temples in same area as they are:
i) Shree Mahadev Mandir
ii) Shree Aainath Maharaj Mandir and
iii) Shree Sadhu Maharaj Mandir.

i)Mahadeo Mandir : The inner hall is very small of this temple there is  “Shiv Pind”
Shree Kashigir maharaj was in concern with the supreme being mahur “Shree Datta” holy place. As he advised he established the hermit on the east of Umarkhed. This temple is an old an 300 years. There were thirteen hermitage chief during the period. Shree Dhyanangir  ascetic died in 1974 then shree laxman Gir took the charge
Priest of Shree Tukaram Maharaj Yehalegaon, The orthodox of the Chinmayand’s Math, Chinmayanand  Swami, Gochar swami, sacchidanand, Shivaramanand swami, Nityanand Swami, Ramanand Swami,  Wasudewanand Swami, purushottamanand Swami, Wamananand swami, and earliest shree Madhawanand swami,  There is a “Ban-Ling” in the hermit If you burn
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