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                  Shree Nityanand swami has built the dome of the temple of shree “chinmanand hermit”,
Umarkhed as well as Shree Tukaram Maharaj at Yehalegaon. He served for 15 years and died in A.D.
1916. Then after Shree Ramanand swami become chief of the Chinmayananda hermit. He died in
A.D. 1923 his self-immolation is on the bank of Godawari river at Manjrath near Kasapuri. Then Shree
Wasudevanand swami. Saraswati was the chief of the hermit, He built up the innermost division of
hall with kitchen in the temple of Shree Tukaram Maharaj at Yehalegaon. He died in A.D. 1963
Shreee Purshottamanand born in A.D 1883 at Ambad dist. Jalna and died in 1981. Shree Wamanand
guru born in 1908 A.D. and died in 2001 A.D. Shree Madhvanand was a worshipper in the temple of
Tukamai at Yehalegaon, And still he is hermitage in the hermit of Umarkhed. The hermitage goes to
the disciple who is selected by the former hermitage. If the disciple is householder he will be given an
ascetic Vow then he became hermitage. Shree Tukaram Maharaj of Yehalegaon presented his
property to Shree Chinmyanand Swami. Shree Sachidanand, Shivramanand ,Shree Ramanand
Swami, Vasudevanand, Purshottamanad, They have built the innermost divisonl kitchen, alon of the
tempale. Umarkhed is the chief hermit and its branches are i) Tukaram Maharaj Yehalegaon ii) Shree
Tukaram Maharaj Tempale Hingoli, iii) Shree Karuneshwar Maharudra Karanja, Wasmat iv) Shree
goddess Temple Maharaj, Hadgaon v) Shreee Vithal Kinkar Pusad vi) Shree Nana Maharaj Kothala
tq. Hadgaon. Vii) Shree swami hermit Govindpura at Pandharpur .
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