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                  Priest of Shree Tukaram Maharaj
Yehalegaon, The orthodox of the Chinmayand’s
Math, Chinmayanand Swami, Gochar swami,
sacchidanand, Shivaramanand swami, Nityanand
Swami, Ramanand Swami, Wasudewanand Swami,
purushottamanand Swami, Wamananand swami, and
earliest shree Madhawanand swami, There is a “Ban-
Ling” in the hermit If you burn the Karpur, you can
see the whole twelve shivling appeared.  After shree
Chinmayanand swami the Gocharswami jhas
established the Math with the immolation of Shree
“Chimayanand Swami in A.D. 1855. Shree Saint
Nagaya who was a monk, he has four disciple (i)
Keshao baba (ii) Rukhmanand (iii) Sayaba Rangari
(iv) Bhikaji Deshpande as considered shree vithal-
Kinkar whose Math is at Pusad he wrote “Patal
Kand” the religious book in A.D. 1712.
                 Shree Chinmayanand belongs to
Churmura his original name was Chiman Bhat and
nick name Churmurkar Joshi, There is a village
Churmura nearest to Umarkhed he then was a landlord. Shree Chinmayananda Swami had taken self-
immolation in A.D. 1855, The main followers of Shree Chinmayananda Swami viz  i) Gocharswami ii)
Shree Parnanand iii) Shree Brahmanand /Tukamai Yehalegaon. Among them Shree Gocharswami
took charge of the hermitage. Shree Chimayananda become disciple of Shree Vithal Kinkar and
become spiritual preceptor. Once He had been to Nepal, there the king had presented the precious
garland “Chandra har” to Shree Gocharswami and then he presented the same to Shree Vithal god of
Gocharswami : He always used the eatable things without  touched as like the cow so that he was
called “Gocharswami”. He daily used prepare a eapthen Shiv  Linga  and warship its but the ascetic
cannot worship the earthen Shiv lingan and per Hindu religion rules
lingan and per Hindu religion rules therefore he was refused and the Brahmin community of kashi’s
they threw same for 108 times then the Shivling appeared from the Bhagiratha.  At present that
Shivlanga is available in the Chinmaya - hermit. He spent 48 years ascetic life. There was a Muslims
sage name Vikramshaha who was devotee of Gocharswami. In A.D. 1874 the Gocharswami died near
Puntambe at Baptara.
              Shree Sachhidananda Swami was a disciple of shree sahajanand. He served for 13 years in
the hermitage, he died in A.D. 1892. Shree Shiv Ramanand was the main followers; he belongs to
Marlegaon in Tahsil Wasmat. He confronted with Shree saint “Nange Maharaj” in A.D. 1823 at
Washim .He came to Pusad for the delight of Shree Vithal. Kinkar then he suffered of fever and died at
the age of 80 in A.D. 1902
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Shree Chinmayanand Math Shree Chinmayanand Math Shree Chinmayanand Math Shree Chinmayanand Math
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