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institute in this rural town, But as he experienced to give the medicinal treatment to his
old father. He then thought as my father was one of the riches person got so trouble in
the mecial treatment, how the common and poor people will be face. so he determined
to stand such a medicinal. Hospital for common people.
In 1952 at that time the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh “shree Ravishankar
shukla” who had intimate friendship with Maharashtra chief minister “shree Vasantrao Naik”
. As wamanrao had discussion with shree Ravishankar shukla, He advices him to establish
the Hospital at Nagpur, But he decided  to do rituas act for the Umarkhed’s people in his
fathers worthy of being remember. He planned to build up the hospital at Umarkhed. He
sold his own land ie ‘10 hectors’ that was neart to Umarkhed, and 60 hectors land which
was at Ambali. The nagar Palika of Umarkhed donated 25000/- The state govt. also paid
one lack 64 thousand. And at last on 27th Dec. 1960 the new constructd Hospital building
were inaugurated at the hands of “shree Yeshwantrao chavan”, the chief minister of
Maharashtra under the presidentship of revenue minister “shree Vasantrao Naik” .
Wamanrao had six childs, but he devided his property in to ten shared amount its
he had with to spend 2% share for the public service. At that time this was the modern
Hospital in the whole Yavatmal district, still the people remember the famous doctors name
viz i) Dr. Chendake ii) Dr. Shastri iii) Dr. Likhete iv) Dr. Davawala.
       This History of specialization in religion, social and polities
was famous of Umarkhed in the past. At Present there one
some families are available those are liberal and helpful to an
  On the pusad  Umarkhed road there is situated the hospital
in the name of “Rajaram prabhaji uttawar hospital” in 10 hectors
area. The famous businessman shree wamanrao uttarwar in
respect of his father has built up the solid hospital in 1960.
Acctually shree wamanrao was thinking to stand the educational
-Dipak Deshmukh

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