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Name: Mr. Mukund Vishwambhar Ade
Cell: 08087732119

               Having been worked as a sales-Officer for the Consumer products, and visited
extencively area of Maharashtra, A.P. and M.P for 22 Years.
              Written two books i) ALL IN ONE, English-Marathi  ii) English To English Translation,
Grammer with practice.
               Written 500 songs i.e. Devoute Extolling, Arti, Social, and Religious patriotic Songs.
At present Conducting private tuition and Translator for English/Marathi/English.
O God, O Creator
Large and Bright , Mighty, Greater.......1
Sun, Moon, Twinkle Stars
Planet appearing very large.......2
Surface the Earth plant and water
Salty sea and Zigzag River........3
Animal, Bird, Fruit and Flower Beautiful Earth in various colour......4
Art, Nature Endless depth Heaven is here, amazing Earth......5
All this Treasure, Human could aspect
As you Blessed, ever and best.........6
Written by
M.V. Ade Sir Umarkhed
Date-  1 July 2011

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