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The hero of the oneness in Hindu Muslim “Amanulla Jagirdar”
The toppest name is amanulla jagirdar in the list of the heroes
those who did the work for unity. Brotherly end impetous pride
of the nation He was land lord of sukli the place which is 10
k.m. away from Umarkhed. Afterwords this family came to
Umarkhed, and become concert with the Umarkhed people.
His father name was Jainoddin Faruqi.He was very polite, calm
and modest person. The notified area the local institute fromed
in Nagar palika the semi state govt. The elected person shree
jathmalji maheshwari become the president and
shree jainoddin become and shree jainoddin become the vice president of Umarkhed
Nagar palika . So as shree amanullaji spend  his childhood in this atmostphere. This
become impact on him.
In 1959 Shree Amanulla got apportanty to stand in the local nagar palika
election.He elected and become vice president of umarkhd. Amanulla jagirdar has a
grant personality with eliminating powerful, potent, versatile wise and grave, gigantic
personality, so he got social status eminent popularity in the all kind of religion
people.At Umarkhed he always ready to obligiong to the people.He was never partial so
he got honourable treatment with him, by all the people. Once any one become
confronted with him, become his fovarable. At the time he become friendship with
popular personality viz mude guruji Dr. S.,V. Narwade, Tatyaji Wannere and more than
in the farther half life of shree jethmalji maheshwari and shree Amanulla jagirdar, there
was a controversy in between them but personal attraction was stable in them.
In 1974 they both divided with independence political party and stand against both in
the local election. shree jagirdar defeated to shree maheshwari party, shree amanulla
become elected with gigantic votes and shree jethmalji maheshwari did homage
celebration of shree jahagir this was the beautifull more of politicial. At that time Amanulla
was called “Aman chacha” of all the citizien of Umarkhed. Till, Shree jagirdar lives there
was no any controvercy in between Hindu and Muslim. Both shree Amulla jagirdar and
jethmalji Maheshwari faced all kids of social problems and kept one ness in all community.
In the personal life of shree jagirdar or at his home, every person got the same respect,
treatment either Hindu or Muslim. Amanulla jagirdar was the symbol of Humanity.
-Dipak Deshmukh

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